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Tri-S Environmental is an
environmental and water
consulting firm.
Founded in 1994.

water environment strategies solutions

Based in California. Projects worldwide.

Places & Projects

High Gain Solar in Water Operations

Tri-S Environmental performed a water utility segment evaluation for solar power augmentation for a start-up high gain solar company located in Silicon Valley, California. High gain solar combines high efficiency silicon cells and tracking that increases energy yield and includes durable reflective materials, low cost panels, convection cooling and streamlined installation.

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Dominican Republic Water Supply

Tri-S Environmental was contracted to evaluate the effects of groundwater pumping on drawing in seawater to the City of Punta Cana due to the large increase in population. Rapid economic growth and increased urbanization have also affected environmental quality and placed strains on the water resources base.

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Japan Semi-Conductor Plant Due Diligence

Tri-S Environmental performed a site inspection to review operations at a large semi-conductor manufacturing facility which produced silicon wafers for flash memory drives. The purpose of the Site inspection and records review was to develop an overview of environmental compliance at the facility.

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